What to Pack for a Trip to Gothenburg, Sweden

A lively city with top-class breweries, a trendy local art scene, and great live music, Gothenburg is in a class all its own. Before you go, pack these essentials for your trip.

A view of Gothenburg.CreditJames Silverman for The New York Times

The lively jazz and art scene, public parks, pools and local breweries make Gothenburg a worthwhile destination for anyone visiting Sweden. We have tips to explore the city in our local guide. But what, beyond the basics, should you pack for a trip?

We’ve shared packing essentials for any 36-hour trip in previous lists, so we talked to Ria Misra, an editor at Wirecutter, about some of the things you might want specifically for a trip to Gothenburg. Here are her picks:

Don’t forget your:

  • Swimwear. Gothenburg’s public swimming pool is a must-visit that we recommend in our local guide. It’s beautiful and floats in the harbor — so naturally, don’t forget to pack a swimsuit. You’ll also want a comfortable, easily adjusted pair of goggles, like Aqua Sphere’s Kayenne goggles, and a space-saving microfiber towel like the Personal Packtowl. A pair of sandals, like Chaco’s Z/Volv or Ecotread, will give you better traction on wet surfaces than a standard pair of flip-flops if you go to the harbor’s public sauna — or take the available free sailing lessons — after your swim.

  • Stylish (but roomy) city bag. A waxed canvas messenger bag, like the Waterfield Vitesse, will blend right in on the streets of Gothenburg, and stand up to the wear-and-tear of city travel. Best of all, it sheds splashes in case of a little unexpected rain, Ms. Misra said. Its roomy interior is great for toting your essentials, and you’ll be able to easily stow any souvenirs you pick up at the city’s buzzing boutiques, record shops and art studios.

  • Pen and paper for tree-spotting. As you wander the woods at Slottsskogen (a beautiful public park right in the city), look for the numerous signs that explain how to identify the park’s trees. Bring a small notebook, like the pocket-size Field Notes, along with a reliable pen (Ms. Misra suggests the Uni-ball Jetstream, a Wirecutter pick), to jot down notes or even to sketch a leaf shape or two as you try to sort the lindens from the oaks.

  • All-weather wear. As always, a small umbrella is worth carrying around in any city where the weather can be variable. Wirecutter suggests the compact AmazonBasics Automatic Travel Umbrella, so you can carry on exploring even on rainy days. Evenings can get chilly in Gothenburg, so consider an insulated vest that’s easy to layer over most outfits. Ms. Misra suggests the Montbell Thermawrap Vest, which will keep you warm even if it gets wet, and compresses small enough that it’s easy to toss into a bag should the temperatures rise.

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