Raj Shah: ‘There’s nothing to corroborate her claim’ Video

  • Now Playing: Michael Cohen’s attorney reacts to Stormy Daniels

  • Now Playing: Stormy Daniels breaks silence on alleged Trump affair

  • Now Playing: Trump gives 60 Russians a week to get out of the US

  • Now Playing: Raj Shah: ‘There’s nothing to corroborate her claim’

  • Now Playing: New Jersey lawmakers approve 6 gun safety bills

  • Now Playing: What’s next for the March for Our Lives movement

  • Now Playing: Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti talks alleged threats against her

  • Now Playing: Millions join #MarchForOurLives for gun control

  • Now Playing: US expels 60 Russian intelligence officers in response to ex-spy’s poisoning

  • Now Playing: GOP Rep. Ryan Costello to retire, boosting Democratic hopes of taking his House seat

  • Now Playing: Those close to Trump speak out against Stormy Daniels

  • Now Playing: The White House prepares for another shakeup

  • Now Playing: Matthew Dowd: NRA ‘successful’ at forcing ‘mythic binary choice’ on gun control

  • Now Playing: CBN correspondent on alleged Trump affairs: Evangelicals ‘willing to allow him grace’

  • Now Playing: ABC News’ Dan Abrams: Legally, Stormy Daniels ‘at more risk than the president’

  • Now Playing: Students rally to demand gun control, Trump replaces national security adviser

  • Now Playing: Stormy Daniels ready to reveal details of alleged affair

  • Now Playing: Gun control advocate’s advice for students rallying: Don’t ‘get discouraged’

  • Now Playing: Bush national security adviser: Bolton’s rhetoric ‘a little bit extreme’

  • Now Playing: Trump friend on recent WH departures: ‘There’s certain people that just didn’t work’

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