Special Report: Americans released by North Korea arrive at Joint Base Andrews Video

  • Now Playing: Families of Japanese detained in North Korea fight for their release

  • Now Playing: 3 Americans released from North Korea, Trump tweets

  • Now Playing: Is a North Korea breakthrough ahead for US?

  • Now Playing: Special Report: Americans released by North Korea arrive at Joint Base Andrews

  • Now Playing: Firm with ties to Russia says it hired Trump lawyer as ‘business consultant’

  • Now Playing: Sarah Sanders discusses Iran deal, Haspel nomination, and North Korea

  • Now Playing: Trump withdraws from Iran deal

  • Now Playing: Jake Tapper on what it’s like to be a journalist in this political climate

  • Now Playing: Jake Tapper on payment to Stormy Daniels

  • Now Playing: Sen. Collins asks CIA nominee if she’d follow Trump order to waterboard detainees

  • Now Playing: Gina Haspel: ‘I absolutely was an advocate’ for destroying interrogation tapes

  • Now Playing: CIA director nominee says she wouldn’t allow agency to undertake “immoral” activity

  • Now Playing: Gina Haspel vows not to restart CIA detention program

  • Now Playing: GOP, Democrats score wins in high-stakes primaries

  • Now Playing: Firm with Russian ties allegedly made payments to Trump’s attorney

  • Now Playing: Mike Braun delivers victory speech

  • Now Playing: Blankenship concedes West Virginia race

  • Now Playing: Indiana Senate race: Mike Braun wins GOP primary

  • Now Playing: Patrick Morrisey projected to win West Virginia primary

  • Now Playing: Trump urges voters to reject Blankenship on West Virginia ballot

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