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And good evening thanks for joining us on this Saturday. I’m Tom llam And gin tonig with the escalating tensions at the white house on a variety of Fron the president busy on Twitter today. Aiming strong words praise to his longtime attorney Michael con, a targeof an FBI raid and investigation. President soing a number of op and institutions and saying he never usedames mocki Aney general Jeff sessions or deputy attorney geral rod Rosenstein. ABC’s Tara Palmeri is with the presidtonight. Reporter: Tonig presentrump fiercely defending hirsonal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen. Attackstory claiming Cohen may turn on him, tweeting, “The W es and a third rate reporter are going out of their way to desoy Michael Cohen and his relationship with N the hot he will lip.'” the president continued, “sorry,I don’t see Michael doing that despite the horrible witch hunt and the sht media!” “The times” article qug trp’s former pic Roger stone, saying trump treats Cohen “Like garbage.” Cohas long pfessed undyingloyalty tohe president. I will do any to prote Mr. Trump. You bring fight to Donald tmp, he’s going to take that fight. Never come across a tuation where Mr. Trump has said song that’s T accurate. Reporter: But that loyalty will now be tested after the FBI seized Ence from H home, ce and hot, partly stormy Daniels. The raid infuriating the presid It’s a — an attack on our coy in a trusense. Itn attack owh we all and for. Reporter: The criminal investigation inohen igniting more turmoil in the white house. Sources tell ABC news that attorney geral Jeff sessions threatened he might resif the president fires his deputy, rod Rosenstein, who signed off on aid. Rosensin oversees the special counsel investigation on Russia. Trump has considered firing both he and Robert mur but, earlr is week, tamped down speculation. They’ve been I’m going to get rid of them for the las ve months and they’re still here. All right, taoins us fr west palm beach now. The president fi O er of twee T including one aboua Washington post story involving attorney Jeff ff sessiond deputy A.G. Rosenstein THAs right, Tom, president famous foriving political enies nickna is now denies a washingtoostep that he Prately callsf sessions Mr. Mago and rod Rosenstein Mr. Peeps. One of the many aggressive tweets he’s fired off todaym pa beach. , Thank so much. And this programming - tomorrow on ththis week,a big shorge goes onne with DNC chair tomez. D senator Bob crocker. Next to that surprise

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