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Hello. Hellrybody, and welcome to”the view.” Ghan isff today. She is with her and she will is the fabulous, the love, intligent Anthony scaramucci. I L pain. I like pain. He S T me just before the show, this a show for N? This is a showoren out women thwomen. En were Yo going to tell me that TRE is a scattering. Therere threehere. Thank U for coming. Eppreciate that. Anthony, no prsu Yo wife is right in the front row B is Mrs. Scacci who is sitting right there. Mrs. Och. Son’t let H out of her sight. The justice department released thates Comey kept of his conversations wit trump. This is the news today. One of the juicier tidbits is trum sing that Putin told him russiaashe most beautiful hookers in the world. It’s nice to see Donald Trump Pring Russia tourism, not to mention . I have a question.question. Didn’t tru he never spoke Putin T my understanding. He S trees one pho call, and this must have come up. The details are fuzzy as to wht happened, that convtied. We all know that tds E truth often. You mean the lies? Say it. “Shington post” found in his first year of or lies. So, you know. That’s WHE stand on it. Do you thk he lies, Anthony? That every politician lies, but this is — S is lying on steroids. Okay. I think mayhere are people in Thi fanic audience that have never told a but I doubt it. Every Usually keep it under 2,000 per year. What you are talking about — What th? Usual keep it under 2,000. We’re going tout a lie meter on body. He what I wod the presid H an operating presenta style that is uniqnd very different,nd you guys — obviously some of you guys D like it buthat he does is embellish Stors. There is no doubt about th if you readcott Adams’ book, he talks about how he doe and why he is doing it. Y disagree with it and not husband style, but there is a methogt he is doing. It resutin and he talked to him four T telephone before he met with Y. Mt came up in the co. Maybt didn’t. But Thomas Jefferson said, you cannot have republic based on lies. Yeah Theat thomaserson, whom I dad. Just saying [ laughter Y weren’t the only one dating him rently. Don’t you W Scott Adams specifically? To do what you want. Ther a skill behind it. Exactly right. That doesn’t exactly mean the end result is beneci We’re talking about conte and stokay? Now you have to -Ave to step away that the trump supporters, ok, I’ll explain that to you. They’re looking at him and saying, the content- we’re N always in love with the content or the Twitter or not always in love with the style of THA behavi, butet’s look at the policies that being implemented anat’s happening. He is the president of everyone. S not jus the presi of trump S want to be lied to as an American citizen from the esident of the United States. The always put me on Su left because my E is deaf, and I understand thatsot we have dis, look. I have spoke about , a people have asked me. The president E war on the media, and white set out there more. The show. Hes D in now to one or two neks where he is willing to have interviews.that’s not right for the American people, and you can chng that and he canexplain hi point of VI at the end of the day, he is up for re-electn. He has already announced that. Heas to win moderates and independents if hets to be re-elected and he has to come out express that Vo And may the truth. I don’t think he is going to Ange his sle His not goi T change his style. He wilbe 72 on F day. What do you think about T salacious allegations in the dossier, pticularly hav to do with therostitutes? The pee-pee tape. He asked to into this. The tinkle Ta whatever yont to callit he aegly asked Comey to look into why D you ask someone — especially the FBI director to look into some if you are guilty oit? Do you belt though? Why W you ask sebody to look at something if you know it’s not true? If you E not guilty of it.hat’s the lie. I think he isbably a little Dee, bei hit from all sides when you run for president. That’s what the T said too. I only ha minute left in th segment, but I want tosk you — thank god. I want to ask Y this O question because Michael Cohen. Ey are saying who — you know O he is, right? I don’t have to explain everything. He could turn on trump. Do you thinkll? I don’tnk there is anything to turn on. Really he has been his lawyer. They raided his office. It may not be related to the president. And so I think — maybe I Sean Y. On Thursday, rod Rosenstein told the president he was not the target of THA vestigation. Not yet. Not yet at leas Younow the sject of an vestigation N easilyurn into the target of investigation. It can happen in hours. I do know but you have to understand the lev of Carow, I talked to Rudy before I came on th show. I had lunch withovernor Christie earlier in the week. W a group. The threshold — Jo also happens to be ia the three of us I wouldow up that lunch in two seconds W those T I would make lna foryo I think you would turn because Y’re too prettyond up in jail. Me? We’ll beight back with more hot topics. ??????

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