This New And Very Bizarre Trailer For ‘Cats’ Movie Can’t Be Unseen

This is the dark horse. As it was somehow nominated for Best Musical, while being ignored in every other category, it might not be Hollywood’s first choice. Besides, it was based on another movie – an obscure 1992 Steve Martin flick. While there have been a movie musicals based on Broadway musicals based on non-musical movies, they don’t always do so well. Sure, <em>Hairspray</em> the musical movie was OK, <em>Nine</em> had its admirers, but even <em>The Producers</em> lost some of its magic when it returned to the screen.

<strong>Casting call: </strong>Most of the great Broadway stars never made it to Hollywood. Movie people want a box-office star, whatever that means. Hence, if this was ever filmed, Raul Esparza – as a charismatic faith healer – would probably be replaced by someone who could lure the multitudes. (Will Ferrell, maybe?)