GOP offers $1.6B in new spending for border security, not wall Video

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xt here ts eving, that question, will there be a governme shutdo. E deadline, Friday at , of cour, right shifting numbers all day. W earned. And this question — what ppened to xico payfor W ABC’s tey Moran asking the white house to and what they’rsaying now.orter: It was los campaign promise.the borderall, and how to pay it. W fog to pay for the wall? Mexico! Repor that’s no happening, so, the president mallion from congiday or hel igrn shutdown. That would mean 420,000 essential federal eye would have T wor without getting paid, and 380ore federal eyeughed without pay. Today, the president seemed to waiver. Mr. President, can we ask about the shutdown? Wll see whahappens. Reporter: But on capitol hill, Republicans are already signaling this fight is over. Are youonvinced tt we will S I am. Reporr: Today,epublicans proposed $1.6illion in N spending for border security, but N a wall, and another $1 billion the president could spend as he chose, but Democrats that a slu fd and jected it. Right now, the white house says it Maye able to find unspent money in various and use that for a , but that might not even be legal. Then, there’s trump’s claimhat hisenegotiateta deal, the usa, will D the trick and fulfill his promise. Why ise American taxpayer for them when he promised Mexico was going to WRE not ask taxpayer for that. The president has been clear that the usmca deal would ovide additionevenue through that deal that would O is payingor the wall. Reporter: Not to treasury, though. The trade bene, are any, don’t go to the treasu he’s saying that E revenue provided and the money that would be saved through the a dealwe can P for the wall four . Reporter: But tra benefits to private citizens. He’s talking the general revenue that comes from that. Reporter: Not even senate publicans buying that line, as’s Mary Bruce fo out. Why a W even having this fight Abt $5illion from American tax payers? Ecause mexo’s not gog to pay for it. Terry, congressing I R they are looking to president trump to ends standoff and prevent a government shutdownht before Christmas. Reporter: That’s right. The ball’s ins urt. Leaders are saying their membeo go me. If that means passing op-gap spending measure, so be . One thing, this president does have the ves that wall. Terry mor nit. Terry, thank you. Ou know,terry, the

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