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We with the firestorm over comments from a Republican candidate in Florida. He isident trump’s pick that high- race of usg rally charged lag targeting his aanmerican opponent. This, of course, Jay after their primary ere. Ab Oquendo leads us offrom Miami. Go morning, ctor. Eporter: Good morning, Cecilia. This rac between two very differenndidates has barely begunlready we have a controversy. Just hours after Andrew um became Florida’s first ever african-amican nominee for rn E’re going to unite this N ways that are unparallelnry of the state of fda. Reporter: His Republican opponent, Ron Desantis, wen the attack. The last thing we need to D is to monkey this up by ting tombrace a socialia with huge tax increases and bankruptg state. Rteesantis sing this — Altho he’ much too liberal for Florida, think he has huge problems with how he’s Tallahassee. Orter: Thebacklash monkeythis up instant. The head of the Florida is launchhi general election campaign with racistog whesam desantisaying he was referring togillum’sol calling th claims ofism absurd. Their statement read but the anchordding we don’t cns language. Reporter: Congressman Desantis winning by his support from president tr the . He reads Tn M trump ‘re fired. I love that part. Reporr: When asked on Wednesday Abou Desantis’ comment, the pt he had notrd them but spo highly of Desantis. A extreme tra leapt, and he will M fantastic governor of Florida. Reporter: Before he wonrump endorsing Desantis E at a cigevent. He’s tough. ‘S smart and he loves Florida and les our country. Mincing words. He’s apparently givphe whistle. They’ve gone to thel horn with these kind T but they’re not going to tried this O time. Nald trump. This is a page from his pl. Victor, we saw the president inour let’s go back tothat. He was asked if he was asked this. He said not it wa all over the news. Repr: When asked he called desantisra and said he would make a fantastic governor. Ce Ctor, thank you.

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